About Us

We make the funnest printable posters for artists, designers and everyone in between for you to decorate your life and make your home or office look incredible.

We make our digital downloads to be easy to print at home on your own or at a print shop for people that want gifts and decor now, with no shipping!

We make all of our digital printable posters using Photoshop, Illustrator on an Apple computer. We create illustrations by hand and set contemporary type to bring you all of the funnest lifestyle inspired posters for you to download and print at home at your convenience.

Fresh Made Digital was founded by Elijah Wasserman in 2015. Elijah was born on the largest commune in the United States.  Elijah became a successful designer and marketer climbing his way to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today. After years of working in the digital frontier with many hard learned lessons from the quickly changing and fast paced music industry he applied his know-how to creating his own eco-fashion t-shirt line. He quickly transformed his career into one of creative freedom.

Elijah Wasserman is a Writer, Maker, Musician and Art Advocate living in Nashville, Tn. In his spare time he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, yoga and his super cute dog Butternut.



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